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A Life of Luxury

Middle Eastern inspired, 100% wool and hand-finished; providing that rich, luxury and modern feel to your room.

Does it Ever feeling like somethings missing?

Your room is feeling cold, but you want to keep your hard floor. you have an open space and you feel something should be there. You need a little comfort, but don’t want to redecorate the entire room. A simple, but eye-popping change can help with that. A rug. Adding the comfort, warmth and texture to your room by just filling the empty space; the space that maybe found around your bed or the space in front of your sofa. could be the space of your entrance hall or the space under your dining room table.

Adding an eye catching rug into your room, can help to bring all the colours in your room together. Hand-Carved and Hand-Tufted, 100% polyester and will look gorgeous in any room. Available in this blossom charcoal/pink, as well as Blossom red and blossom Grey/Ochre.
also available in this rectangle shape, along with a circle and oblong shape.


you have a few different colours in your room that aren’t really complimenting each other and you need something that will tie in all the colours of your room, allowing the room to bounce in welcoming colours. There are a lot of available, vibrant rugs – making your room; brighter, colourful and rich.

Verge: Honeycomb. available in this lovely Grey/Ochre colour and also in Grey/Duck Egg and a Charcoal colour.


Looking for a strong rug that will create boldness and confidence to your room. Something that will be the object in the room to catch peoples eyes first and make them go “wow!” whilst also doing the normal features of a rug; comfort, cosy and luxury. Also allowing all the colour in your room to come together and give that wow factor!


We have also teamed up with a company that allows you to create your own unique rug! And it is as simply as this:

Step 1: Choosing a carpet, the perfect colour that will match your room.

step 2: choosing a finish, many options that will hold your rug together, ensuring that it stays strong and wearable.

Step 3: Choosing a size, the most important part. You’ve came along rugs that are just too small / big for the space that you desire to have a rug; in this case, it is made for your sizes.

A great way to create something personal for yourself in your home. Choosing a colour that is right, choosing the perfect size (not too small, not too big) and making sure that it is wearable for your room and your lifestyle.

Fading custom made rug.

A life of creativity and A life of endless options of rugs is A life of luxury.