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Volume 2: Flooring with flair, fitting with care

In the early part of last month, an old customer in Kent came to us with a flooring issue that she needed put right. Her insurance company had organised a local flooring installer to fit her living room floor, but the end product had resulted in a dangerous and unprofessional finish. Knowing she could trust us to rectify the somewhat careless job, she got in touch to seek our advice.

With stylish, tasteful décor in the customer’s living room, unfortunately the finish on the carpet edging was causing a hazard for anyone walking through and it also looked out of place. Furthermore, the underlay beneath the carpet had been cut short, causing a height drop on one side.

To fix this, we suggested that the metal trims were replaced by wooden thresholds to match the rest of the wood in the room. The customer also wanted the cream carpet replaced with something more luxurious. As you can see, we supplied a beautiful, soft cream twist carpet (with a full covering of underlay), as well as a perfect match for the wood trims.

Our fitters were sure to take extra care, wearing clean white clothing and removing their shoes to ensure no dirt touched the carpet. Take a look at the photos below and I’m sure you would agree, the finished article speaks for itself and the living room now looks complete.

We always strive to provide the best advice and service from the showroom all the way through to installation. With trusted sales staff and fitters alike, you can count on us to achieve the floor you desire, whatever the budget.